Sundance Spa Specials

We are currently offering some great specials on select Sundance Spas and supplies including $3,000 off all 880 series, over $1,000 in free accessories with purchase of select spas, free iPod Touch with purchase of any 880 series spa, and 25% off select filters, chemicals, and supplies. We are also offering a 12 month deferred … Continue reading Sundance Spa Specials

Living Magazine, May 2010

KLAPPRODT POOLS | LIVING MAGAZINE, MAY 2010 by Shannon Denniston OUTDOOR DREAMVisualize yourself settling to the sounds of a leisurely wind rustling the trees with the distant chirping of birds flying overhead as you dangle your worn-out toes in the soothingly cool water of an elegant swimming pool. What a feeling of tranquility. Does this … Continue reading Living Magazine, May 2010