Become a Lifesaver

Please join in our efforts to save lives!

Since 1987, we’ve had the joy of building custom pools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Over our years in the pool industry, it’s become apparent how important it is that our love for backyard pools be joined with an understanding of water safety. In the summer of 2012, Texas led the nation in the number of pool-related drownings. Almost 75% of the victims were young children and drowning remains the #1 cause of accidental death for children in Texas. The good news is that child drowning incidents can be prevented through simple steps by parents and communities.

Klapprodt Pools is taking our involvement in drowning prevention to a new level this year by partnering with Lone Star Lifesavers, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing drownings in DFW. Together, our goal is to safeguard communities by helping parents and pool owners learn how they can keep children safe around pools.

We’d like to invite you to join in our efforts. Please check out the Lone Star Lifesavers web site to see 3 simple things you can do to prevent drownings in your neighborhood. Also, you can join the cause by becoming a Lifesaver. It’s free and involves two commitments – learn the steps to protecting children around pools, and share them with someone you know. When you sign up, you also get access to great discounts and perks from local businesses. Please join us in our cause to save lives, and sign up to become a Lone Star Lifesaver today!