Freeze Damage Update

To our valued customers:

Last month’s severe winter weather event wreaked havoc on pools and spas across Texas. We have been flooded with calls and emails requesting repairs; somewhere in the thousands. We are getting to them as quickly as possible, but it will take time. If you have called or emailed and have yet to hear back from us, please know that we will get to you eventually as we work through our list. Your patience is greatly appreciated. For now, email is the best way to communicate with us. We completely understand that this is an extremely stressful time, but we request your politeness with any communication as we share your frustration and stress and are working diligently to help everyone we can. 

Please understand that the industry is experiencing a shortage of parts and equipment. The COVID pandemic already strained the production and supply chain due to unprecedented demand for pools along with limited manufacturing due to social distancing accommodations and halts due to outbreaks and shut downs. Now this extreme weather event has compounded the situation with unprecedented demand for repairs. We are proactive each year with early buy programs to ensure we have the product we need under normal circumstances, and were proactive in ordering what we could when the severity of this event became apparent. However, despite our efforts, we will no doubt feel the effects of the current state of our industry in the form of unavoidable delays and expenses. Manufacturers have been focusing exclusively on whole goods rather than parts this past year. This has resulted in a “replace rather than repair” approach to get systems up and running. We’ve heard it estimated that the manufacturing of pool equipment may take months or even years to recover to pre-pandemic levels. We will be focusing our efforts on getting pools circulating and will have to conserve product wherever we can. Things like water feature pumps, heaters, and ozone units that are not essential to circulation will have to be addressed at a later date. 

We know that it is less than ideal to have a stagnant pool in your backyard, and although we deeply desire to help everyone we can, we would advise you to get on waiting lists with multiple companies in order to increase your chances of getting serviced sooner. With that said, please be patient with all of us. We are all experiencing the same challenges and are working long hours to handle the situation the best we can. It’s not a bad idea to try to source parts and equipment from wherever you can find them, as well, but beware of internet scams and price gouging.

If you do have a pool system that is down, we would advise purchasing a plastic submersible pump from a hardware store and dropping it in your pool. It’s not much, but getting the water moving will be better than nothing. We would also advise you to brush your walls, skim the surface, and net any debris off the bottom of your pool. In addition, you should continue to check your chlorine levels weekly and brush in a little shock to battle against potential algae. Please make sure to brush it in so that it dissolves and does not sit on your pool finish causing potential damage.  

We will continue our best efforts to help as many area pool owners as we possibly can, and we very much appreciate your patience and understanding during yet more unprecedented times.