Freezing Temperatures

With consistent freezing temperatures hitting our area we wanted to share some information that could be of help should you run into issues with your pool equipment. When freeze protect is operating properly all pumps should be running when temperatures drop. This keeps water moving throughout the system to help prevent water from freezing and causing damage. You want to make sure valves are open throughout your system so that water is moving through all plumbing. If you have a hot tub, the system should cycle between pool mode and spa mode to ensure water is flowing through all plumbing. If you have a system failure such as pumps not running or broken pipes we recommend shutting your system down and draining as much plumbing as possible until temperatures rise and the system can be assessed. To shut your system down properly first turn off all breakers to the system to ensure nothing turns on. Next, open all valves and remove all lids, plugs, etc. Please see the video below illustrating this procedure.