Restarting Pool Equipment

We understand that pool owners whose pools were down with the recent freeze are anxious to get things back up and running. Although the sun has been out and temperatures are rising you must wait until all equipment has thawed before doing so. Starting a system up with ice still present could create back pressure and potentially a dangerous situation. We recommend waiting several days with warm weather before attempting to start the system up. To start your system back up first make sure your water level is half way up the tile line. Then replace all plugs, lids, etc. Next, turn your breakers to the system back on and turn on the equipment. Because the system has been drained it is likely that you will need to prime your pumps and plumbing with a water hose to get things started. Once things are running, inspect for leaks and issues. If you have a DE filter you will need to backwash and recharge with DE. If there are issues that you’d like us to address please send an email to with as much information as possible and photos if possible. Please be patient as phone calls and emails are coming in faster than we can respond, but rest assured we will get you scheduled and will respond as quick as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time.