Swim Season is Almost Here!

Is your pool ready?!  In addition to your normal pool maintenance, here are some key items to consider a couple times a year… and right before swim season is the perfect time!

1. Inspect entire equipment pad for leaks and make sure all equipment is running properly.  2. Inspect and lube all o-rings.  3. Inspect salt system cell and clean if necessary.  4. Clean and seal flagstone coping if necessary.  5. Backwash and/or take apart and clean filter if necessary.  6. Bring a water sample into our retail shop for a FREE computerized water analysis and be sure to check out the latest shipment of toys and floats.

If issues exist with your equipment, or you would like us to perform a bi-annual service and help you get ready for the swim season, please give our service team a call at 817-431-1847 ext. 3.