Winter Storm Update

To our valued customers:

We are and have been doing our best to prepare for and respond to this historic weather event. It has been extremely challenging as we all are experiencing issues with water, power, and communications that are occurring across the state. We are not able to safely have our employees come in to the office or have service vehicles on the road. We have limited number of employees that have remote access to messages and emails, however due to power outages and rolling blackouts it has been very sporadic. Our maintenance technicians are fielding calls and texts when possible. We are currently compiling a list of customers in need of service. We assure you that we will get to you. Please be patient as this is going to take quite some time to get through. We will begin contacting you as soon as we can schedule service calls. We hope to have maintenance technicians on their routes starting Monday. Please understand that initially we may not be able to do much other than assess and report findings back to the office for scheduling. If your pool equipment has frozen, turn the power off at the breaker box. Do not turn it back on until the pool, equipment, and plumbing have had sufficient time to completely thaw out. Do not turn your heater on to try to speed the process up. Do not attempt to break the ice up if your pool has frozen over. The only thing that can be done at this point is turning the power off, opening the valves, and removing drain plugs (if possible). Please note that Hayward along with all other pool equipment manufacturers do not cover freeze damage with their warranty. Thank you for your support and understanding. Stay safe. Stay warm.