Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your construction crew finished installing steel today and it looks like they forgot to form the steps. Is this the correct procedure?

A: Yes. The steps are formed with gunite.


Q: We have a sprinkler system and there are stations located where the swimming pool will be installed. Do I need to do anything prior to the construction process?

A: Unless otherwise discussed, shut your system off 3 days prior to excavation and contact your irrigation company to cap off your system.


Q: Who do I contact if I have questions during the construction of my swimming pool?

A: You should contact your construction supervisor.


Q: Do I need to be home for any part of the construction process?

A: Although it is not necessary for you to be home during the construction of your pool, we will need access to your breaker box. If we are installing a remote system we will also need access to the inside of your home during the electrical wiring of the pool.


Q: My pool was plastered today and is filling up with water. How long will it take to fill up and what do I need to do?

A: The time it takes to fill a pool varies due to factors such as pool size and water pressure, but usually takes between 24 and 48 hours. It is very important that you do not shut the water off until the water level has reached the middle of the tile line. At that point, turn off your water and contact your construction supervisor to schedule the start-up process.


Q: What should I expect during the start-up process?

A: Your construction supervisor will take control of your swimming pool after it is full. The process usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks to complete and includes starting up and inspecting all equipment, programming all controls, and completely balancing the pool water. Your construction supervisor will make several visits to your pool to complete this process.


Q: What am I responsible for during the start-up process?

A: You will need to brush all plaster surfaces 3 times a day for the first week, 2 times a day for the second week, and once a day for the third week. In addition, it is recommended that you empty your skimmer baskets regularly.


Q: What happens after the start-up process?

A: When your construction supervisor has finished the start-up process, you will be contacted to schedule “pool school”. This is when you will learn how to control and maintain your new swimming pool.